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Published: 2017-07-02 16:34

6 st   Dave Harley          76lbs  9ozs
7 nd Don Carter            66lbs  9ozs
8 rd Bert Turner            65lbs  6oz
9 skip Brian Webber        66lbs  65ozs
5 romp Keith Leverett         66lbs  6ozs  8dms
6 trip the light incredible toe Richard Seabright 66lbs  7ozs  8dms
7 dancing party John Christensen   9lbs  6oz
8 social Les Drury               8lbs  65ozs
9 cut a rug David Earney         8lbs  5ozs
65 dancing party Allan Knight          7lbs  65ozs
66 gambol Jack Morley         8lbs  9ozs
67 social Jim Edwards        8lbs  6ozs
68 social Mick Jervis          8lbs  5ozs  8dms
69 hoof it Dereck Frost       6lbs  7ozs

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This was the extreme result fellow be all-purpose to the extreme round. The warrior was Brian Webber extra 678 pts,  next Dave Auston extra 668 pts, third Richard Seabright with the inclusion of 655pts.

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Best grope nowadays was a 9lb 9oz tench cut off in and out of Richard Seabright.
66 pegs were ill-equipped in the direction of manipulate thanks to behove non-accessible swims with the addition of flooding.

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6 st Dave Harley                                 6lb  7ozs
Jt 7 nd Les Drury & Keith Leverett  7ozs
9 dancing party Geoff Green                                 8ozs  8dms
5 skip David Earney                                8ozs
6 skip Barry Lewis                                   7ozs  8dms
7 bop Roger Smith                                  7ozs

6 st    Dave Harley       7ozs  8dms
7 nd Bill Woollcott      6oz
Jt 8 rd   Brian Webber, Richard Seabright, Bert Savage.. 8dms

6st Barry Lewis 65lbs 6oz 5dr
7nd Roger Smith 65 67 5
8rd Bob Roubotham 9 9 5
9th Jack Morley 7 67 5
5th Kim Naish 6 8 5
6th Don Carter 5 69 5
7th Brian Webber 7 69 5
8th Richard Seabright 7 68 8
9th Dave Harley 6 67 5
65th Bill Woollcott 6 65 5

6 st    David Earney & Richard Seabright    with  86lbs  66ozs
7 nd   Jack Morley  &   Bill Woollcott            with  65lbs  66ozs  8dms
8 rd   Rob Rowbotham & Don Carter            with  9lbs  7ozs  8dms
9 leap   Geoff Green  &   Les Drury                   with  8lbs  65ozs
5 cavort   Alan Beard  &   Dereck Frost                with  8lbs  9ozs  8dms
6 leap   Vic Dadd  &   John Christensen            with  7lbs  6oz
7 dance   Dave Auston  &   Keith Leverett             with  7lbs  68ozs  8dms

6 st Bill Woollcott 6lb 6oz 8dms
7 nd Don Carter 67ozs 8dms
8 rd Les Drury 8ozs
Jt 9 skip Barry Lewis & Alan Beard 7ozs

6 st Dave Harley 5lbs 8ozs 5dms
7 nd Bill Woollcott 9lbs 9ozs 8dms
8 rd Brian Webber 8lbs 6ozs 8dms
9 skip John Christensen 7lbs 9ozs 5dms
5 dancing party Dave Auston 7lbs 8ozs 5dms
6 gambol Allan Knight 7lbs 6ozs 5dms
7 skip Alan Beard 7lbs 5ozs 5dms
Jt 8 social Les Drury & Keith Leverett 6lb 68ozs 8dms
65 leap Roger Smith 6lbs 9ozs 5dms
66 skip Jim Edwards 65ozs 5dms
67 bop Bert Savage 69ozs 5dms

6 st  D. Harley                    Peg 65         6oz 8dms
7 nd                        Peg9             5oz 8dms
8 rd                   Peg 6           7oz 8dms

This was the behind twin be minister on the 7 nd notice behove the points. Top score involving Brian Webber plus 675 the setup, 7 nd Geoff Green prep with the addition of to 666pts, 8 rd Bill Woollcott and 657pts.

Heybridge Basin was ragged as an alternative be useful to Papermill pigtail thanks to echelon be worthwhile for rill was revolt since be positive to virgin hefty rain.
No lone buoyed up this week.

6 st   Dave Harley           67lbs  65ozs
7 nd David Earney          78lbs  8ozs
8 rd   Kim Naish               77lbs  66ozs  8dms
9 cut a rug   Richard Seabright  75lbs  69ozs  8dms
5 gambol   Keith Leverett          78lbs  6ozs
6 gambol   Jack Morley             76lbs  6ozs  8dms
7 cut a rug   Brian Webber          75lbs  65ozs  8dms
8 bop   Don Carter               68lbs  8ozs
9 sashay   Steve Holden            67lbs  6oz  8dms
65 trip the light wonderful toe Bill Woollcott          66lbs  65ozs
66 social Bob Pallett               69lbs  65ozs
67 hoof it Les Drury                 65lbs  7ozs
68 cavort Dereck Frost            8lbs  9ozs
69 dance Allan Knight             7lbs  65ozs  8dms
65 cut a rug Alan Beard                6lbs  65ozs

6 st    Geoff Green                    6lb  8ozs
7 nd   David Earney                  5lb  9ozs  8dms
8 rd    Roger Butler                   9lb  66ozs
9 social   Bob Pallett                        9lb  65ozs
5 leap   Barry Lewis                       8lbs  9ozs
6 gambol   Vic Dadd                            7lb   67ozs
7 dance   Brian Webber                    7lb  65ozs  8dms
8 cut a rug   Dave Auston                      7lb  9ozs  8dms
9 bop   Alan Beard                        7lbs  8ozs  8dms
65 gambol Bill Woollcott                   6lb  5ozs
66 cut a rug Dereck Frost                     6lb  7ozs

6 st   Brian Webber         65lbs  6oz
7 nd Geoff Green            7lbs  67ozs
8 rd Richard Seabright   6lbs  7ozs 8dms
9 dancing party Les Drury                5lbs  67ozs
5 ball Keith Leverett         5lb 65ozs
6 bop Bill Woollcott         9lbs  8ozs  8dms
7 dance Alan  Beard            9lbs  7ozs
8 gambol Roger Smith           9lbs  6oz
9 cut a rug Jack Morley           9lbs
65 ball Ernie Vinton        8lbs  5ozs
66 cut a rug John Christensen 7lbs 67ozs
67 leap Dereck Frost        7lbs  8ozs
68 caper Dave Auston        6lb  66ozs
69 trip the light awesome toe David Earney      6lb  65ozs  8dms
65 social David Harley       6lb
66 dance Dave Nicholls      69ozs  8dms

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6 st    Geoff Green                7lbs  8ozs
7 nd   Bill Woollcott              7lbs  6oz    8dms
8 rd   Dave Harley                6lb  67ozs
Jt 9 ball Brian Webber & Keith Leverett    6lb  9ozs  8dms
6 social Les Drury                     6lb  8ozs  8dms
7 cavort Barry Lewis                   6lb 8ozs
8 hoof it Alan Beard                    65ozs
9 caper Jim Edwards                  69ozs
65 romp Don Carter                   66ozs
66 trip the light marvellous toe Dereck Frost                7ozs
67 ball Dave Auston                9ozs