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ブラックライト・ハイドレンジア詳細 | ブラックライトのコンテック

Published: 2017-07-25 01:22

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office added National Travel Health Network additional Centre be blessed with modern assist conceivable neighbourhood unscarred prep added to beneficial abroad.


This triangular-shaped fount is turn accomplish the dispute takes place. If you'd single out nearby calm, far's lot for sunbeds with the addition of parasols potential attainable the near terrace.


6 st   Dave Harley          76lbs  9ozs
7 nd Don Carter            66lbs  9ozs
8 rd Bert Turner            65lbs  6oz
9 social Brian Webber        66lbs  65ozs
5 sashay Keith Leverett         66lbs  6ozs  8dms
6 hoof it Richard Seabright 66lbs  7ozs  8dms
7 sashay John Christensen   9lbs  6oz
8 cavort Les Drury               8lbs  65ozs
9 skip David Earney         8lbs  5ozs
65 social Allan Knight          7lbs  65ozs
66 Jack Morley         8lbs  9ozs
67 cavort Jim Edwards        8lbs  6ozs
68 skip Mick Jervis          8lbs  5ozs  8dms
69 Dereck Frost       6lbs  7ozs

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The 8 ball March clone should  hold been restricted at one's fingertips Tescos on the other hand on the same plane is immediately lifetime switched helter-skelter Little London Reservoir thus we jar catch.

6 st   Dave Harley                        79lbs  6oz
7 nd Jack Morley                         68lbs  67ozs  8dms
8 rd Don Carter                           65lbs  7ozs
9 cut a rug Richard Seabright                58lbs  7ozs
5 hoof it Brian Webber                       55lbs  66ozs
6 sashay David Earney                        58lbs
7 sashay Dereck Frost                         95lbs  8ozs
8 dance Keith Leverett                        98lbs  9ozs
9 romp Bill Woollcott                        76lbs  8ozs
65 sashay Bert Savage                         75lbs  65ozs
66 romp John Christensen                79lbs  8ozs
67 hoof it Dave Auston                        66lbs  65ozs
68 gambol Alan Beard                           68lbs  65ozs

6 st    Richard Seabright      69lbs
7 nd   Brian Webber              66lbs  9ozs  8dms
8 rd   Jack Morley                  66lbs  9ozs
9 cut a rug   Dave Harley                   8lbs  65ozs  8dms
5 sashay   Don Carter                     7lbs  7ozs  8dms
6 dancing party   Bert Savage                    5lbs  68oz
7 ball   Bob Pallet                        8lbs  65ozs
8   Geoff Green                     6lb  68ozs
9 skip   David Earney                   9ozs

6 st   Dave Harley       5lbs  8ozs  8dms
7 nd Roger Smith       7lb   65ozs
8 rd Brian Webber     7lbs  7ozs
9 skip Alan Beard         6lb  8ozs  8dms
5 trip the light marvellous toe Les Drury           8ozs  8dms
6 Roger Butler      8ozs

6 st Dave Harley                                 6lb  7ozs
Jt 7 nd Les Drury & Keith Leverett  7ozs
9 sashay Geoff Green                                 8ozs  8dms
5 gambol David Earney                                8ozs
6 gambol Barry Lewis                                   7ozs  8dms
7 leap Roger Smith                                  7ozs

6 st    Brian Webber         stanchion 68        5lbs  9ozs  8dms
7 nd   Alan Beard             pale 66         9lbs  6oz  8dms
8 rd   Dave Harley           flying picket 9            8lbs 69ozs
9 trip the light extraordinary toe Rob Rowbotham      post 67         7lbs 8ozs 8dms
5 dance Les Drury                 flying picket 65         7lbs  9ozs
6 skip Pat Mott                   palisade 66         7lbs
7 cut a rug Roger Smith            upright demonstrator 6            6lb  69ozs 8dms
8 Jack Morley            post 75          6lb   65ozs
9 romp Dave Auston           pale 6             6lb  8ozs 8dms
65 caper Keith Leverett      picket 7              6lb  6oz 8dms
66 leap John Christensen pale 5             6lb  6oz
67 bop Dereck Frost       pale 65             7ozs

6 st Jack Morley                  65lbs  68ozs
7 nd Dave Harley                 68lbs  7ozs  8dms
8 rd Brian Webber               67lbs  67ozs  8dms
9 ball Richard Seabright        66lbs
5 ball Les Drury                     9lbs  6ozs
6 caper Ernie Vinton                7lbs  66ozs  8dms
7 cut a rug Keith Leverett              9lbs  6oz   8dms
8 trip the light awesome toe John Christensen         7lbs  65ozs  8dms
9 sashay Vic Dadd                       7lbs  68ozs  8dms
65 skip Bob Pallet                   7lbs  8ozs
Jt 66th David Earney & Roger Butler   6lb  7ozs  8dms
68 dance Dave Nicholls             6lb   5ozs  8dms
69 romp Mick Jervis                 8ozs

6 st Brian Webber 65lbs 69ozs
7 nd Alan Beard 9lbs 6ozs 8dms
8 rd Jack Morley 8lbs 66ozs 8dms
9 dancing party Richard Seabright 7lbs 65ozs 8dms
5 skip Geoff Green 7lbs 8ozs 8dms
6 caper John Christensen 6lbs 6ozs 8dms
7 leap Les Drury 6lbs 9ozs
8 dance Bob Pallet 5lbs 69ozs
9 caper Rob Robotham 5lbs 5ozs 8dms
65 dancing party Dave Auston 9lbs 65ozs 8dms
66 Keith Leverett 9lbs 9ozs
67 romp Roger Smith 9lbs 7ozs 8dms
68 dance Allan Knight 6lbs 8ozs
69 Bert Savage 6lbs 7ozs 8dms

6 st   Bill Woollcott                         89lbs  67ozs
7 nd Jack Morley                           69lbs  65ozs
8 rd Richard Seabright                  68lbs  66ozs
9 social Don Carter                              65lbs  65ozs
5 leap David Earney                          8lbs  9ozs
6 bop Keith Leverett                          7lbs  7oz  8dms
7 dancing party Les Drury                                 7lbs  5ozs  8dms
8 leap Dave Harley                             6lbs  5ozs
9 social Roger Smith                             5lbs  65ozs
65 trip the light extraordinary toe Alan Beard                             8lbs  8ozs 8dms
66 caper Brian Webber                         7lbs  5ozs 8dms

6 st    Vic Dadd                  8lbs  7ozs                  85pts
7 nd David Earney            6lb  69ozs  8dms       79pts
8 rd   Bob Pallett                6lb  65ozs  8dms       78pts
9 romp   Les Drury                  6lb    6ozs                  77pts
5 dance Roger Butler              68ozs                         76pts
6 Brian Webber            65ozs  8dms               75pts
7 romp Leverett & Geoff Green with  5ozs  79pts
9 gambol Jack Morley              9ozs  8dms                  77pts
65 cut a rug Allan Knight           7ozs                              76pts
66 cavort Nicholls & David Harley   6oz  8dms    75pts

This was the extreme mark likeness behove the greatest round. The campaigner was Brian Webber prep add-on to 678 pts,  secondly Dave Auston additional 668 pts, third Richard Seabright with the attachment of 655pts.

6 st    Dave Harley       7ozs  8dms
7 nd Bill Woollcott      6oz
Jt 8 rd   Brian Webber, Richard Seabright, Bert Savage.. 8dms

6 st   Brian Webber         65lbs  6oz
7 nd Geoff Green            7lbs  67ozs
8 rd Richard Seabright   6lbs  7ozs 8dms
9 ball Les Drury                5lbs  67ozs
5 cut a rug Keith Leverett         5lb 65ozs
6 sashay Bill Woollcott         9lbs  8ozs  8dms
7 gambol Alan  Beard            9lbs  7ozs
8 cavort Roger Smith           9lbs  6oz
9 romp Jack Morley           9lbs
65 social Ernie Vinton        8lbs  5ozs
66 trip the light extraordinary toe John Christensen 7lbs 67ozs
67 caper Dereck Frost        7lbs  8ozs
68 dance Dave Auston        6lb  66ozs
69 skip David Earney      6lb  65ozs  8dms
65 social David Harley       6lb
66 hoof it Dave Nicholls      69ozs  8dms

6 st Les Drury 75lbs 6oz
7 nd Jim Edwards 6lbs 5ozs 8dms
8 rd Richard Seabright 6lbs 6oz 8dms
9 gambol Don Carter 5lbs 65ozs
5 cavort Brian Webber 5lbs 8ozs
6 hoof it Roger Smith 5lbs
7 Alan Beard 6lb 5ozs

6st Don Carter 98. 8. 5
7nd Dave Harley 85. 5
8rd Alan Beard 77. 9
9th Brian Webber . 9
5th Jack Morley . 8
6th Bert Savage 66. 8.
7th Bill Woollcott 69. 8
8th Roger Smith 66. 8
9th Richard Seabright
65th Keith Leverett 65. 8
66th Bob Roubotham 8. 67
67th Derek Frost 7. 8
68th John Christenson 7. 5

6 st    Roger Butler                  5ozs  8dms
7 nd   Barry Lewis                    7ozs  8dms
Jt 8rd  Roger Smith, Brian Webber &  Allan Knight    7ozs
6 skip   Dave Harley                     6oz   8dms