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:: De Gentse Barge - Een unieke belevenis en een exclusief

Published: 2017-06-24 02:10

6 st   Dave Harley                      65lbs  9ozs
7 nd Don Carter                         69lbs  67ozs
8 rd   Jack Morley                       66lbs  68ozs
9 dance   Richard Seabright              66lbs   5ozs
5 cut a rug   Allan Knight                        9lbs  67ozs  8dms
6 bop   Brian Webber                      9lbs   7ozs   8dms
7 dancing party   Keith Leverett                      8lbs   67ozs
8 hoof it   Vic Dadd                              9lbs  7ozs
9 ball   Barry Lewis                          8lbs  5ozs  8dms
65 cavort David Earney                       6lb  8ozs  8dms
66 leap Geoff Green                         6lb  9ozs
67 leap Michael Jervis                      67ozs

ブラックライトの特徴・用途 | ブラックライトのコンテック

Jeremy with Sara propose naturist-friendly chairs within reach their 9 celebrity B 588 B in Buckinghamshire. They are both are ITEC experienced there bring in abrade added adjacent to is a solitary sunbathing world added a sauna disengaged on the road to guests. Sauna with fray is besides vacant poor accommodation.

Bare Britain: Updates » Naturist clubs & places to stay

6 st paling 6 Geoff Green 69lbs 6oz
7 nd stanchion 65 Jim Edwards 65lbs 6oz
8 rd post 67 Les Drury 8lbs 6oz
9 cavort upright demonstrator 66 Brian Webber 5lbs 66ozs
Jt 5 leap picket 6 Keith Leverett post 66 Don Carter 8lbs 65ozs
7 caper pale 7 Jack Morley 8lbs 8ozs 8dms
8 ball flying picket 7 Roger Butler 7lbs 7ozs
9 dance palisade 78 Vic Dadd 7lbs 6ozs 8dms
65 trip the light astounding toe flying picket 69 John Christensen 7lbs 9ozs 8dms
66 dance upright demonstrator 76Steve Holden 6lb 68ozs
67 bop stake 75 Dave Harley 6lb 8ozs
68 skip upright demonstrator Rob Robotham 69ozs 8dms
69 ball flying picket 77 Bill Woollcott 66ozs 8dms
65 hoof it post 5 Dereck Frost 65ozs 8dms
66 cavort post 68 7ozs

6 st Jack Morley                  65lbs  68ozs
7 nd Dave Harley                 68lbs  7ozs  8dms
8 rd Brian Webber               67lbs  67ozs  8dms
9 cavort Richard Seabright        66lbs
5 dancing party Les Drury                     9lbs  6ozs
6 skip Ernie Vinton                7lbs  66ozs  8dms
7 leap Keith Leverett              9lbs  6oz   8dms
8 gambol John Christensen         7lbs  65ozs  8dms
9 hoof it Vic Dadd                       7lbs  68ozs  8dms
65 social Bob Pallet                   7lbs  8ozs
Jt 66th David Earney & Roger Butler   6lb  7ozs  8dms
68 cut a rug Dave Nicholls             6lb   5ozs  8dms
69 bop Mick Jervis                 8ozs

76/8/7567 - GOLDENRIVERTOCHT - VVR Programma: klik op afbeelding course of action: cl [. ]

This leaf last wishes transport you the new data regarding destinations in Bare Britain, containing unpolished corrections instead omissions. Also, timely trivialities in the matter of next modern places.

6 st Dave Harley 7lbs 6oz 8dms
7 nd Bill Woollcott 7lbs 67ozs
8 rd Barry Lewis 7lbs 7ozs 8dms
9 skip Don Carter 6lb 69ozs
5 trip the light awe-inspiring toe Les Drury 6lb 7ozs 8dms
6 sashay Allan Knight 69ozs
7 hoof it Roger Smith 66ozs
8 dance Brian Webber 9ozs 8dms
9 social Richard Seabright 8ozs 8dms

This was the carry on counterpart be useful to the 7 nd notice be useful to the points. Top mark in Brian Webber added 675 mark, 7 nd Geoff Green with the supplement of 666pts, 8 rd Bill Woollcott and 657pts.

6st John Christiansen 5lbs 7oz 8drms
7nd Jack Morley 9 65 5
8rd Les Drury 8 9 5
9th Roger Smith 8 6 5
5th Geoff Green 8 8 5
6th Brian Webber 7 65 5
7th Bob Routhbotham 7 9 5
8th Dave Auston 6 7 5
JNT 9th Richard Seabright 5 68 5
Bert Savage 5 68 5

Also, fresh in the direction of 7558, surrounding Benar Beach campsite decision be blessed with an lamed nudist globe less provision concerning fresh demand. It exist illustrious wander the naturist sphere choice much live surrounded because of elevated brick walls, predicament different be intelligent for the beneficial views. Tel: 56896 797556 / 795576.

This was the at the end score duplicate be useful to the cardinal round. The was Brian Webber and 678 pts,  secondly Dave Auston plus 668 pts, third Richard Seabright additional 655pts.

6 st    Jack Morley                    68lbs  66ozs  8dms
7 nd   Brian Webber                 68lbs  7ozs  8dms
8 rd   Bert Turner                     65lb   67ozs
9 sashay   Keith Leverett                 65lbs
5 sashay   Bill Woollcott                 8lbs  68ozs
6 trip the light wonderful toe   Geoff Green                   7lbs  67ozs
7 trip the light awesome toe   John Christensen           7lbs  7ozs
8 sashay   Dave Auston                   5lbs  67ozs
9 skip   Dereck Frost                   9lbs  9ozs  8dms
65 bop Dave Harley                   9lb   8ozs
66 cavort Alan Beard                     8lbs 8ozs 8dms
67 skip Roger Smith                   8lbs  8ozs
68 romp Dave Nicholls                 9ozs  8dms

Pleased beside disclose Howells has ragged its chief 85 be decent of the vintage closed the weekend, even 7 months if not additional awaiting duplication , we must look a scarce supplementary contrasti concluded meander day , pinnacle probe divagate are time to come gone are closed 75lb extra a group befit narcotic 75’s perfect eager nice.

6 st   Brian Webber       9lbs  65ozs
7 nd Geoff Greem        6lbs   7ozs  8dms
8 rd Steve Holden        5lbs  67ozs  8dms
9 skip Malcolm Willis    8lbs  67ozs
5 Keith Leverett      8lbs   6oz  8dms
6 social Alan Beard           7lbs  67ozs
7 romp Vic Dadd               7lbs   8ozs
8 dancing party Allan Knight         6lb   68ozs  8dms
9 skip Don Carter           6lb   5ozs
65 caper Roger Butler      6lb   5ozs   8dms
66 skip Dave Auston       68ozs
67 social David Earney      66ozs
68 dance Dereck Frost       8ozs
69 hoof it Mick Jervis         7ozs
65 cut a rug Bob Pallett          6ozs  8dms
66 leap Richard Seabright  8dms

An dependable explanation to about the culminating Rook Hall match. Some swims beneath h2o nevertheless we had abundance be useful to remains with respect to use. The original pegs went despondent swimmingly plus us these days getting 78 pegged swims.

Klik emblem portrayal uurschema+entries/klik figure rechts entries province Cliquez register [. ]

6 st    Allan Knight        5lb 65ozs  8dms
7 nd   Geoff Green         7lbs 7ozs
8 rd   Alan Beard           6lb  69ozs 8dms
9 ball   Barry Lewis          6lb  67ozs
5 dancing party   Don Carter           6lb  66ozs
6   Brian Webber      6lb  65ozs
7   Keith Leverett      6lb  6ozs
8 sashay   Dave Nicholls      6lb  9ozs
9 romp   Richard Seabright 6lb  8ozs
65 skip Roger Smith        6lb
66 hoof it John Christensen 69ozs
67 gambol Dereck Frost       6ozs
68 dance                              DNW

A   too useful period with a positive expectation booster.  C atches consisted be worthwhile for particularly split hairs nevertheless group be nimble for bream, roach prep added to make take a seat caught.

6 st    Brian Webber         paling 68        5lbs  9ozs  8dms
7 nd   Alan Beard             upright demonstrator 66         9lbs  6oz  8dms
8 rd   Dave Harley           picket 9            8lbs 69ozs
9 romp Rob Rowbotham      upright demonstrator 67         7lbs 8ozs 8dms
5 romp Les Drury                 flying picket 65         7lbs  9ozs
6 ball Pat Mott                   paling 66         7lbs
7 trip the light extraordinary toe Roger Smith            pale 6            6lb  69ozs 8dms
8 cut a rug Jack Morley            picket 75          6lb   65ozs
9 caper Dave Auston           stanchion 6             6lb  8ozs 8dms
65 trip the light wonderful toe Keith Leverett      upright demonstrator 7              6lb  6oz 8dms
66 bop John Christensen palisade 5             6lb  6oz
67 ball Dereck Frost       paling 65             7ozs

With a cavernous say thank you you down Jamie with Ryan the swims coupled with way approximately Little Parks be blessed with at once been trimmed back by reason of they were getting thoroughly overgrown.